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Fire Doors Manufacturer in Malaysia

Woodlandor Wood Products Sdn Bhd is a renowned Fire Door Manufacturer in Malaysia. Our ‘MULTEC’ Fire Door sets have evolved two decades of development for residential, commercial and industrial application.

We, renowned Fire Door Manufacturer, have its manufacturing plant sprawled over a 4-hectare plot of land in Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. This manufacturing plant is equipped with advanced and high-tech equipment that are able to manufacture quality Fire Door in huge quantity with assurance of quality consistency and prompt delivery, and undertake huge project requirements.

Woodlandor Wood Products Sdn Bhd’s ‘MULTEC’ Fire Door sets surpassed both the requirements of fire performance tests and complies with both compliances BS 476: Pt.22: 1987 and MS 1073: Pt.3: 1996 for: -

The ability of a door set to contain fire with specific criteria to collapse, freedom from holes, cracks and fissures and be able to sustain flaming on the unexpected face.

The ability of a door set to restrict the temperature rise of the unexposed face to below specified levels.

At Woodlandor Wood Products Sdn Bhd, we have several high-tech laminating press machines where all our MULTEC Fire Door panels are subjected to this pressure laminating process.

Our advanced Air Pod Presses apply uniform pressure over the entire platen area for strong, high quality bonds and handle huge production capacity in shorter time. This process is essential to ensure durability and longer life-span of the Fire Doors especially to prevent delaminating of external skins even after 100,000 cycles of continuous opening and closing.

Woodlandor Wood Products Sdn Bhd manufacturing of Fire Door sets certified to ISO 9001: 2008 standard. This means that all our Fire Doors are manufactured with quality consistency and have gone through stringent quality controls.

Fire Doors Manufacturer in Malaysia

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